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Constant Temperature Shaking Incubator(Benchtop), ICB-S20,ICB-S50,ICB-S80

  1. Shaking Speed (rpm):  20-300
  2. Speed accuracy (rpm):  ±1
  3. Swing amplitude(mm):  Φ26
  4. Temperature Range(℃):  RT+5~60
  5. Temperature Accuracy (℃):  ±0.1

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1.Integrated with incubator and shaker to save space and cost.
2.ABS shell, polished stainless steel chamber.
3.Large LCD screen to display temperature and shaking speed.
4.With operation data memory function to eliminate faulty operation.
5.Non-volatile memory saves settings during a power outage and automatically restarts the unit as originally programmed after power is restored.
6.Auto-stop operation when door is opened. Strong air spring rod with easy opening and closing.
7.Brushless DC motor, more stable and reliable.
8.Equipped with leakage protection.


Model ICB-S20 ICB-S50 ICB-S80
Shaking Speed (rpm) 20-300
Speed accuracy (rpm) ±1
Swing amplitude(mm) Φ26
Standard configuration 100ml×9 50ml×4, 100ml×4 ,250ml×3, 500ml×3 50ml×5, 100ml×5 ,250ml×4, 500ml×3
Maximum capacity 50ml×12,100ml×9 50ml×20 or 100ml×16 or 250ml×12
or 500ml×9
100ml×20 or 250ml×16 or 500ml×12
or 1000ml×5 or 2000ml×4
Tray Size(mm) 295×253 400×370 450×410
Timing Range 1-9999min
Temperature Range(℃) RT+5~60 RT+5~60 4~60(Cooling)
Temperature Accuracy (℃) ±0.1
Temperature uniformity(℃) ±1
Display LCD
Tray Included 1
Exterior Size(W×D×H)mm 440×410×390 600×580×510 780*682*560
Package Size (W×D×H)mm 580×530×540 740×700×660 920*800*610
Net/Gross weight(kg) 31/41 72/88 100/125
Volume (W×D×H)mm 320×295×190 440×405×270 510×490×360
Power Rating 220W 320W 580W
Power Supply AC 220~240V, 50~60Hz


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