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Cutting, Sealing and Printing Integrated Machine, TMSC-AP105

  1. Printing method: Dot matrix printer
  2. Power: 600W
  3. Equipment size: 1092×280×230mm

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Main features
1.It has the function of automatic paper feeding, cutting, sealing and printing.You only need to set the required length and quantity of paper-plastic bags according to actual needs;After starting the program, the equipment can complete automatic paper feeding, automatic cutting, automatic heat sealing, and finally complete the Chinese and English printing of the set parameters;
2.It has the functions of cutting paper-plastic bags independently, heat-sealing or sealing printing separately, which can realize multiple functions in one machine and effectively improve work efficiency;
3.The cutting and sealing margins are adjustable, and the distance from the cutting edge to the sealing line can be adjusted whether printing is required, so as to improve the utilization rate of coiled material;
4.According to actual needs, multiple rolls of paper-plastic bags with different widths can be loaded at one time to realize the cutting and sealing of multiple rolls at the same time, thereby improving the working efficiency of the machine;
5.7-inch color LCD capacitive touch screen, comes with Andriod operating system, graphical operation interface, built-in clock and adjustment and setting of working parameters, and it has an automatic storage function;
6.It is possible to set or change various parameters and other contents of the equipment through the built-in color touch control screen, and the corresponding setting contents can be printed by the sealing machine;
7.Computer intelligent temperature control, temperature control accuracy: ±1%, working temperature can be set arbitrarily at 60~220℃;
8.High-speed heating design: It only takes 40s to rise from room temperature to 180℃, which is highly energy-efficient and meets the needs of fast-paced work;
9.Auxiliary cooling design: It is equipped with a cooling system controlled by a microcomputer to reduce the waiting time from high-temperature sealing to low-temperature sealing temperature adjustment.

The machine will automatically stop working if the sealing temperature exceeds the working temperature setting range ±4℃, effectively ensuring the quality of the sealing and the safe operation of the equipment.


Temperature control accuracy ≤1%
Printing method Dot matrix printer
Working environment 10~40℃
AC power supply 220V±10% 50Hz
Power 600W
Maximum current 3.2A
Fuse 5A X 2
Weight 35kg
Equipment size 1092×280×230mm

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