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Thermo Sealer, SLM-T2008

  1. Sealing time:0.8~2s
  2. Size of sealing tube:Φ3~Φ6mm
  3. Supply Voltage:190V~250V, 50Hz

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Because the blood, saline liquid drug etc. is gradually taken special plastic bags as liquid filling, storage, transport and transfusion, to replace the traditional bottle type infusion. The bagged liquid drug sealing requires clean non-toxic, non-polluting, reliable bonding, convenient operation, the blood bag tube sealer machine is specially designed for this purpose.

This sealer is carefully designed after we listen to opinions
from many customers :and improve the old-fashioned sealer, finally
succeffully developed after repeated test. Thus the sealer other
than old model has the following features:
a) This machine adopt microprocessory to control heat time,
heating time is from 0.8s~2s depends on the tube thickness.
b) The sealing head provide with an elastic auxiliary device, in
order to prevent or reduce hemolysis generated during heat
c) This sealer voltage can be adjusted automatically.It can
normally work steadily when the voltage changes between
190V ~ 250V. It shows more superiority in the area that has larger
power fluctuations.


Supply Voltage 190V~250V, 50Hz
Power of Supply 200W
Sealing time 0.8~2s
Size of sealing tube Φ3~Φ6mm
Lifespan of the electronic bulb  about 1000hours
Dimension 280×165×220mm
Faults Cause Solutions
No heat sealing lnside high-voltage
fuse damage
Inspect and replace
0.25A fuse
Inside high-voltage
tube damage
Inspect and replace
high-voltage tube
The heat sealing head
no trip
The photoelectric
sensing port blocking
check and wipe dirt
with alcohol
Heating head can not
be reset, or reset
Debris or bloodstains
blocks into the
Timely clean the
bebris and
bloodstains after
power off
Other abnormalities
during sealing
External interference Switch off 7seconds
then switch on.

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