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Digital Brix Refractometer; BRFR Series

  1. Measuring range: 0-45%; 58-92%
  2. Resolution: Sugar ( Brix ) 0.1% temperature 0.1°C
  3. Accuracy: Sugar ( Brix ) ± 0.2% temperature ± 0.5°C
  4. Temperature compensation: 9.9°C-99.9°C(automatic temperature compensation)

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  1. Small and portable, user-friendly
  2. 2AAA batteries, can accurately test anytime and anywhere,
  3. Touch key, comfortable and beautiful
  4. Special designed sample place, avoid sample spilling, easy to clean
  5. Cannot only test the sugar content but also test the temperature of measured stuffs, automatic temperature compensation
  6. Fast measuring speed, measuring just 3s once
  7. Wide measuring range, suitable for almost any liquid measurement such as fruit juice, food and drink and so on
  8. Display mode: large LCD display


Model BRFR-45 BRFR-92
Measuring range 0-45% 58-92%
Resolution Sugar ( Brix ) 0.1% temperature 0.1°C
Accuracy Sugar ( Brix ) ± 0.2% temperature ± 0.5°C
Temperature compensation 9.9°C-99.9°C(automatic temperature compensation)
Sample volume 0.3 ml
Respond time 3 s
Power supply AAA*2
Battery life About 8000 times

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