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Mini Dry Bath Incubator, DBI-R100II, DBI-100II

  • Function: Heating, Cooling
  • Temp. control range: RT-23°C/+5°C-100℃
  • Optional blocks: 2-40 wells for 0.2-50ml tubes
  • Rapid calibration support
  • Overheating protection
  • USB interface to save the data

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1. Light in weight

2. LCD display of both temperature and time.

3. Rapid calibration support

4. Overheating protection

5. Optional blocks with different capacities are available

6. Safe and stable

7. USB interface to save the data

8. DBI-R100II with hot lid provided to preserve the generated heat.


Specifications DBI-R100II DBI-100II
Temperature setting range (℃) 0-100 25-100
Temperature range (℃) Room temperature-23~100 Room temperature+5~100
Temperature control accuracy (℃) ±0.5 ±0.5
Temperature display accuracy (℃) 0.1 0.1
Minimum time taken for heating (25℃-100℃) ≤20min ≤20min
Minimum time for cooling (20℃-10℃) ≤25min /
Max. Heating Rate 8℃/min 6.5℃/min
Max. Cooling Rate 3℃/min /
Time setting range 0-999min/0-999sec 0-999min/0-999sec
Display LCD LCD
No. of programs in memory 9 (2 steps for each) 9 (2 steps for each)
Rapid calibration Support Support
USB interface Support Support
Error code reminder Support Support
External dimension (mm) 110×162×140 110×162×140
Overall weight (kg) ≤1 ≤1
Power supply DC12V, AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz DC12V, AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power (W) 60 60
Operation temperature (℃) +10-40 +10-40
Operation humidity (%RH) ≤80 ≤80

Optional blocks

Cat. No. Block types Capacity Diameter×depth
18900414 Heating Block 40×0.2 mL 6.4mm×20mm
18900415 Heating Block 24×0.5 mL 8.2mm×28.4mm
18900416 Heating Block 15×1.5 mL 11.2mm×31mm
18900428 Heating Block 15×2 mL 11mm×31mm
18900417 Heating Block 6×5 mL 17mm×31mm
18900426 Heating Block 4×15 mL 16.4mm×45mm
18900427 Heating Block 2×50 mL 29mm×45mm


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