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Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer, BCA-A-4-20

  • With LED lighting system
  • Dual mode test function of automatic sampling and manual sampling
  • With multi-point calibration and quality control management functions
  • With duplex communication function between instrument and LIS and open custom report mode

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It adopts coagulation method, immunoturbidimetric method and chromogenic substrate method, and can test all coagulation related test items such as conventional four items, D-D, FDP, AT, etc


  • The combination of automatic sample adding system, pre temperature system, ten channel multi methodology testing system, cup feeding system, manipulator cup grasping system, cleaning system and bar code identification system greatly improves the work efficiency.
  • It has the detection function of four conventional coagulation items, factors, D-dimer, FDP and other coagulation related special items, so as to provide complete clinical diagnostic data. The instrument can be connected to Lis system to facilitate data management.
  • The magnetic bead method completely avoids the interference of jaundice, hemolysis and abnormal turbidity of chyle samples, ensures the consistency and accuracy of test results, and eliminates test errors and medical risks.
  • The inclined reagent position with refrigeration function and the sample adding system with constant temperature heating and liquid level sensing make the reagent use longer to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy of test results.
  • Test position: The four-channel multi-method test system can test all coagulation items and significantly improve the test speed.
  • Sample position: Interchangeable sample position to meet the needs of large sample volume. The operation process is convenient and simple.
  • Injection needle: The micro injection pump and the injection needle are highly integrated. The injection volume and test results are extremely accurate and easy to maintain.
  • Reagent kit: The instrument is equipped with four coagulation routines, D-dimer, FOP and other coagulation detection reagents, quality control materials, and calibrators are independently developed and produced, with a complete traceability system.
  • Alarm function: abnormal alarm of test results and automatic repeated test function; When the reagent is insufficient, the sampling probe automatically transposes or reports energy; Insufficient test cup and reagent, insufficient detergent, waste liquid overflow and cover opening alarm function


Model BCA-A-4-20
Test Speed(Ts/h) 200
Probe 1
Test Method Coagulation(magnetic beads), Immunoturbidimetry,chromogenic substrate
Test Items PT, APTT, FIB, TT, D-dimer, FDP, AT-III, all

Factors, FM, APC-R, PC, PS, vWF, HEP, LMWH, AT, PLG, PAI,


Test Channels 4
Sample Position 35
Pre-heating Channels 20
Reagents Position 21(20+1)
Sampling Arm 1
Washing Position 1
Cuvettes Loading System Drawer style
Reagent Loading System Drawer style
Sample Loading System Drawer style
Magnetic Cuvettes Loading 1000
Auto Positioning Yes
Integrated Sampling Pump System Yes
Inner Card Reading Function Yes
Bar Code Recognition Function Yes
LED Lighting Yes
Four Direction Cooling Yes
Insufficient Alarm for Cuvettes, Reagents,Detergent Yes
LIS System Yes
Weight 110Kg
Dimension 60*62*65cm

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