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Fully Automatic Enclosed Tissue Processor, TSP-CV1

  1. Enclosed Tissue treatment system, vacuum type
  2. Number of Cups: 12
  3. Capacity of Single Cup: 6000ml
  4. Processing capacity: Max 400 pcs/cassette
  5. 10 Set of Programmers stored in the system
  6. Temperature Range: solvent:≤45℃, Wax: 58℃-70℃

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  1. Operator Interface of 15 inch color LCD touch screen
  2. Enclosed Tissue treatment system with no pollution of gas leakage, to meet requirement of environmental protection.
  3. Mode of Sample processing: Sample not move, Reagent move.
  4. It can avoid the risk of power failure of machine, or other mechanical failure.
  5. Timing Mode: Finishing time of tissue processing any day in the week can be set
  6. Function of Protection System of Power Failure. Once main power restored, the previous protocols is automatically resumed and continue to work in order.
  7. 10 Set of Programmers stored in the system and can be set for purpose.
  8. Special design of Reagent Station makes the liquid totally back-flow to avoid any mixture and to extend using time of reagent.
  9. Patented design of cassette holder makes reagent and samples thoroughly contact with each other, it improves effection of tissue processing and reduce working time.
  10. Dual Purpose of processing: one key switch normal processing motion and Rapid processing motion
  11. Rapid Processing motion stirred in day time finished in 3 hours, Normal Processing Motion stirred in the evening.
  12. Device for Air pressure transfer: Formal air pressure transfer of several solenoid valves replaced by one single mechanical structure replace formal in order to avoid high fault error.
  13. Function for changing wax automatically:Wax in No.1 Container wash into waste container, then, wax in NO.2 container goes into No.1 Container,then,No.3 goes into No.2,and so on
  14. Function of over temperature protection occurred by accidental heating
  15. Function for magnetic stirring which shorten time of tissue processing and make good processing effection.
  16. Alarm and Screen display when finishing work.
  17. Capacity of tissue processing: 400pcs cassette at most.


Model TSP-CV1
Numbers of Reagent Station 12
Tissue Processing Station NO.1 to No.9 Station
Washing Station No.14 to No.16 Station
Numbers of Wax Tank 3(No.10,12 and 13)
Numbers of Working Station 1
Capacity of Processing Station 9L
Capacity of Reagent Station 6L
Temperature of Processing Station Medium is the solvent: ≤45℃
Medium is the Wax: 58℃-70℃
Operation pressure <0.1Mpa
Wax temperature 58℃-70℃
Wax melt time <3 hours
Power input <1500VA+10%
Time for immerse 0 – 99 hours 59 minutes
Working Voltage 220VAC±10%,50/60HZ
Time for Inflow Liquid no more than 5Min
Time for Exclude Liquid no more than 5Min
Stirring time set randomly
Interval time for Stirring set randomly
Operation mode manual and automatic
Overall Dimension 650×650×1350mm(W×D×H)
Net Weight 145kg

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