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Gas Chromatograph, GC-I112A

  1. Can be equipped with fid+tcd packed column + capillary column
  2. Temperature range: room temperature up 5℃-400℃

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1.Synchronous bidirectional control with touch screen on the GC-I112A.
2.The 7-inch color touch screen on the GC-I112A can display the flow rate and pressure value of the electronic gas path.
3.The multi core, 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation of the instrument.
4.One key start up function.
5.The extendable synchronous external trigger function can initiate GC-I112Aand workstation through external signals, such as automatic sampling device, thermal analyzer and so on.
6.The instrument has sound system self-checking function and malfunction automatic identification function.
7.The instrument has 8 external event interface with extendable functions, which can work with a variety of functional control valve, performing according to the set timing.
8.The memory function can store 20-sample test modes.
9.RS232 communication port and LAN port.
10.N2000 chromatography workstation.


Inside capacity 22L
Temperature range room temperature up 5℃-400℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1 ℃
Temperature programming 9 step
Program total time 9999.9 min
Max heating rate 0.1-60℃/min
Max cooling rate ≦10mins (250℃-50℃)
Sample Injector
Temperature range room temperature up7℃~ 420 ℃
Temp control type independent
Carrier gas flow control type constant pressure
Max quantity 3Pcs
Type Packed column or split
Split ratio display
Pre column pressure range 0-400kpa
Pre column pressure accuracy 0.1kpa
Flow setting range H2 0-200ml/min, N2 0-150ml/min
Detector FID or TCD
Temperature Range room temperature up 7℃~ 420 ℃
Max installation Qty. 2
Ignition model automatic
Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Logarithmic amplifier
High Voltage Switch Control
Baseline signal display
Detection limit ≦3×10-12 g/s( sample n-hexadecane)
Baseline noise ≦5×10 A
Baseline draft ≦6×10 A
Dynamic range 10
RSD ≦3%
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
Sencitivity (sample n-hexadecane)
Baseline noise ≦0.05mV
Baseline draft ≦0.15mV/ 30min
Dynamic range 105
Overall Dimension & Weight
Power 220V±22V, 50Hz±0.5Hz, 3000W
Package size 735mm×725mm×835mm
G.W. 82kg
N.W. 70kg

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