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Gas Chromatograph, GC-I126N

  1. Equipped with various valves and more abundant configurations
  2. A maximum of 2 units are installed simultaneously. FID, TCD, ECD and FPD are optional

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Column temperature box:Technical Features:
1. The host machine adopts a 7-inch color touch screen with friendly man-machine interface.
2. Computer back control and host touch screen to achieve synchronous bidirectional control.
3. The multi-core, 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation of the instrument.
4. Carrier/hydrogen/air flow (pressure) digital display.
5. Gas shortage alarm protection function; Heating control protection function (when opening the door of the column box, the motor of the column box fan and the heating system will shut down automatically).
6. Split flow/split ratio can be automatically controlled to save carrier gas.
7. Configure automatic sampler installation and positioning interface to match automatic sampler of various specifications.
8. Data acquisition is a standard dual-channel data acquisition card with a sampling time of 50ms.
9. Using logarithmic amplification plate, detection signal no cut-off value, synchronous external trigger function, can be started by external signals (automatic sampler, thermal analyzer, etc.) at the same time the host and workstation.
10. It has perfect system self-check function and fault automatic identification function.
11. With eight external event extension function interface, can be selected with a variety of control valves, and according to their own set time sequence work.
12. The external link mode is network port connection (RJ45), which provides convenience for remote control of data.

Column temperature box:

Temperature range 5℃ ~ 400℃ at room temperature
Temperature control accuracy ±0.1℃
Program heating stage 9/10 platform
Total program time 9999.9 min
Maximum heating rate 60℃/min

1. Temperature range: 7℃ ~ 420℃ at room temperature
2. Fill column, split/split sampler can be installed
3. Working under constant pressure mode
4. No more than three independent sampling systems are connected simultaneously

1. A maximum of 2 units are installed simultaneously. FID, TCD, ECD and FPD are optional.
2. Flow/pressure is displayed directly on the screen.
3. Temperature setting: Max. 420℃
4. Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
    High voltage switch control
    Baseline signal display
    Ignition coil control
    Detection limit: ≤ 3×10-12 g/s
    Sample: N-hexadecane (minimum detection quantity: 3pg/s)
    Dynamic range: 107
5. Thermal conductivity detector (TCD) :
    Bridge voltage switch control
    Bridge current setting: 0 ~ 220 mA
    Sensitivity: 5000 mV×mL/mg
    Dynamic range: 105
6. Electronic capture detector (ECD) :
    Radiation source: Ni63
    Detection limit: ≤8×10-14 g/s
    Sample: R 666 (minimum detection quantity: 80FG/s)
    Dynamic range: 103
7. Flame photometric detector (FPD) :
    Temperature setting: Maximum 350℃
    Detection limit: ≤2×10-12 g/s (P) ≤4×10-11 g/s (s)
    Sample: Methyl parathion
    Dynamic range: P 103
    Dynamic range: S 102
    Heating area:
8. In addition to the column box independent heating area, there are six heating areas. 2 injector heating zones, 2 detector heating zones and 2 auxiliary heating zones.
9. The maximum operating temperature of the auxiliary heating area can reach 400℃

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