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Hematocrit Centrifuge, Economical Type, CFG-12D

  • Max. speed: 12000rpm
  • Max. RCF13680×g
  • Rotor Capacity: 24 Capillaries

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Microhematocrit centrifuges provide hematocrit values (HCT) for testing in biochemistry, immunity, genetics, blood separation and for general clinical tests. Other hematocrit centrifuges: CFG-14D, CFG-12B(HCT)

  • Speed: 12000rpm, max. RCF:13680×g.
  • Precise control of speed and time separately.
  • Rotor capacity: Hematocrit rotor: 24 capillary.
  • The standard capillary dial is convenient for observing the experimental results.


Specifications CFG-12D
Speed Range 500-12000rpm, increment: 100rpm
Max. RCF 13680×g
Speed Accuracy ±100
Rotor Capacity 1 type
Run Time 10sec-99min/Continuous
Motor Brush-less DC motor
Display LCD
Safety Devices Door interlock
Acceleration/Braking time 40s↑40s↓
Power Single-phase, 200V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 5A; 380W
Dimension(W×D×H) 280mm×364mm×213mm
Packaging Size(W×D×H) 450mm*380mm*310mm
Net Weight/ Gross Weight 9/ 10.5 kg
Certification CE, FDA, EAC
Advanced Features Speed/RCF switch; Short-time run function; sound-alert function


Available rotors

 rotor (2).png Cat. No.19400047

CFG-14D & CFG-12D

Max. speed: 12000rpm

Max. RCF: 13680×g

Rotor capacity: capillary tubes×24

Rotor material: High strength aluminum


Available adapters

rotor (3).png Cat. No.119500001

2mL to 0.2mL rotor adapter, used with A12-2,

A12-2P, AS24-2 and CAT. NO. 19400013 rotors, 24pcs/pk

 rotor (4).png Cat. No.119500002

2mL to 0.5mL rotor adapter, used with A12-2,

A12-2P, AS24-2 and CAT. NO. 19400013 rotors, 24pcs/pk

 rotor (5).png Cat. No.119500003

Rotor adapter, used with A12-10P, 12pcs/pk

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