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High temp Dry Bath Incubator, DBI-160/130 Series

  1. Main function: Heating
  2. Temp range: RT.+5°C~130°C/160°C
  3. Optional blocks: 3-96 wells for 0.2-2.0ml/6-40mm tubes
  4. Automatic fault detection and alarm function.
  5. Built-in over-temperature protection device.
  6. Temperature deviation calibration function

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The high temperature Dry Bath Incubator controlled by microcomputer, use high purity aluminum material as a heat conduction medium instead of the traditional water bath device.It can be widely used in the sample preservation, reaction of DNA amplification, electrophoresis, degeneration, solidification and other kinds of serum biochemical sample thermostatic incubation process.

1.Real-time temperature display, the countdown display.

2.Convenient block replacement, easy to clean and disinfect.

3.Automatic fault detection and alarm function.

4.Built-in over-temperature protection device.

5.Temperature deviation calibration function.


Product model Parameters
Product model DBI-160-1 DBI-160-2 DBI-130-4
Temperature range RT.+5°C~160°C RT.+5°C~160°C RT.+5°C~130°C
Temp accuracy ±0.5℃(@40℃)
Temp accuracy  ±1℃(@120℃)
 Temp uniformity  ±0.5℃
 Display accuracy  0.1℃
 Time range  1-99h59min/∞
 Heating time  ≤15min(from 25℃ to 160℃) ≤15min(from 25℃ to 160℃)  ≤20min(from25℃ to 130℃)
 Block quantity  1 2 4
 Max power  300W  500W  600W
 Voltage  AC220V or AC110V, 50/60Hz
 Size  260 x 220 x 100mm  260 x 220 x 100mm  360 x 220 x 100mm
Weight 5.0kg 5.5Kg 8.0kg

Optional Blocks:

Type Diameter of test tube Type Type Number of test tube
MD01 6mm 48
MD02 7mm 48
MD03 10mm 24
MD04 12mm 24
MD05 13mm 24
MD06 15mm 16
MD07 16mm 16
MD08 19mm 12
MD09 20mm 12
MD10 26mm 8
MD11 28mm 4
MD12 40mm 3
MD13 0.2ml centrifuge tube 48
MD14 0.5ml centrifuge tube 48
MD15 1.5ml centrifuge tube 24
MD16 2.0ml centrifuge tube 24
MD17 0.2ml PCR plate 96
MD18 0.2ml Elisa plate 96


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