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Liquid Nitrogen Tank Smart Cap, LNC-CAP Series

  • Working Temperature:  -20~40℃
  • Temperature Measurement Range:  -200~200℃

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Product Overview

SmartCap intelligent cork, with liquid nitrogen tank level monitoring and temperature monitoring functions of highly integrated low-power Internet of Things module. It is suitable for 50mm/80mm/125mm/216mm caliber liquid nitrogen tank products, but also compatible with other similar liquid nitrogen tank on the market (only internal height and caliber can be configured), built-in high-efficiency nickel batteries, effective working time up to 2 years. When it collects liquid level and temperature data, it transmits the collected data to the data relay for storage at a fixed frequency (10 minutes per time) by 2.4 G wireless mode.

Product Features

  1. Double independent measurement system for high accuracy liquid level measurement and temperature measurement;
  2. Real-time display of liquid level and temperature and free setting of SMS, email and WeChat alarm:
  3. Send liquid level data and temperature data to smart box wirelessly;
  4. Remote transmission of liquid level data and temperature data to the Cloud, realizing data recording, printing, storage and other functions;
  5. Adopt internal imported special-shaped nickel battery for power supply, with long battery life.



Working Temperature -20~40℃
Relative Humidity ≤75% (25℃)
Instrument Input Power Supply 3.6V
Level Sensor Capacitance
Temperature Sensor PT-100
Level Measurement Range 160~700mm
Level Error ±5 mm
Temperature Measurement Range -200~200℃
Temperature Error ±0.1℃





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