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Portable Photoelectric Colorimeter, SP-CLR10QC

  • Food, medicine, textile, non-woven fabrics, denim, dyeing and printing, color steel plate, paper, plastic, chemical, coating, ink, building material industries, etc.
  • Light and cross dual positioning function
  • Measuring caliber: Φ4mm
  • Measurement time: 1.5 seconds

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1. High performance, but low price;

2. Higher short-term repeatability accuracy: OE≤0.03;

3. Light and cross dual positioning function;

4. Equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it has no need to repeatedly purchase batteries;

5. Φ4mm measuring caliber, portable structure, suitable for more measuring occasions;

6. White mainstream shape, color box fast packaging, convenient transportation;

7. Built-in whiteboard parameters, no need for black and whiteboard correction.

8. No need to connect the computer, and it can be used immediately after starting up, making the measurement simpler!

SP-CLR10QC economical practical color difference instrument humanized interface design allows you to easily learn to operate the light and cross dual positioning work



Model  SP-CLR10QC
Size  205 x67x80mm
Weight  approx. 400g (battery included)
Standards compliant  CIE No.15, GB/T 3978
Battery  Rechargeable lithium ion battery 3.7V@3200 mAh
Inductor  silicon photodiode
Lighting source  life span of 5 years is more than 1.6 million measurements
Measuring caliber  Φ4mm
Display screen  TFT true color 2.8in @(16
Color space  CIE lab
Interface  USB power supply only
Observer Angle  CIE 10° standard observer
Storage data  100 standard samples, 10000 samples
Operating temperature range  0-40*C(32-104 “F)
Display  chromaticity value, chromaticity value/graph, pass/fail results, color bias
Storage Temperature Range  -20~50°C(-4~122 F)
Measurement time  1.5 seconds
PC software  no software
Repeatability  OE* AB0.03 (average of 30 times)
Standard accessories  power adapter, manual, wristband, 4 platform measuring caliber
Difference between stations  AE* AB0.4 (average value of BCRA series 12 color plates)
Optional accessories  micro printer, powder test box


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