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UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer, SFA-2000A

Adopts pulse ultraviolet fluorescence analysis method
Internationally popular circuits and imported components
High-quality heating furnace wire and longer service life

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The instrument adopts the principle of ultraviolet fluorescence method. And it is used for determination of total sulfur content in products of petrochemical production, scientific research and sales enterprises, customs, commodity inspection, technical supervision system and other fields; It is especially applicable to the analysis of low sulfur content of national V and national VI oil products.

● The instrument adopts pulse ultraviolet fluorescence analysis method, with lower detection limit and higher detection accuracy, which can meet the sulfur content detection requirements of national VI and higher standards.
●Windows Chinese operation platform, computer control analysis, data processing and other processes, and display the working status of the whole process; Test parameters and results can be saved or printed; It can realize historical data query and graphic playback for comparison and analysis.
● The instrument adopts internationally popular circuits and imported components, which reduces the instrument noise and improves the detection sensitivity.
● Core components: membrane dryer, filter, xenon lamp, photomultiplier tube and other main accessories are original accessories imported from the United States, Japan and Europe, ensuring the quality of the instrument and the accuracy of the analysis results. Xenon lamp (Japan) is an ultraviolet pulse light source with stable light intensity, slow attenuation and long service life.
● Using imported high-quality heating furnace wire, the service life of cracking furnace is longer.
● It has the function of delayed shutdown. After the experiment, the time can be set to automatically shut down, allowing the cracking furnace to cool naturally and automatically shut down when the time is up, overcoming the shortcomings of manual waiting in the past.
● Reaction chamber: the advanced technology of double leak proof (light and gas) machining is adopted at the same time, the detection sensitivity and repeatability are significantly improved, and the measurement data results reach the international advanced level.
● Analysis results: the instrument has fast analysis speed (2-3min/ sample), accurate and stable analysis, and the repeatability error is far better than the analysis error requirements of sh/t 0689.
● Single point correction for reverse standard of standard sample, high voltage can be adjusted freely, and there is no need to redo the standard curve.
● Instrument calibration: the standard samples imported from the United States and Japan are used for instrument calibration to ensure the accuracy of instrument measurement, so that the instrument can surpass the domestic similar products in trace measurement and accuracy.
● The open LIMS database management mode is convenient for database retrieval and management.
● Optional solid sampler; The solid injector is equipped with a refrigeration system.


Model SFA-2000A
Measuring range 0.1mg/kg~10000mg/kg~%
Lower detection limit 0.05mg/kg
Measurable samples Solid, liquid and gas (optional sample injector)
PMT High voltage range DC400V~900V
Correlation coefficient of standard curve ≥0.999
Temperature control range and accuracy RT~1300℃,±1℃
Measurement accuracy and repeatability error
Sample range Accuracy Repeatability error
0.1<x≤1.0 mg/kg ≤±0.08 mg/kg Cv≤10%
1<x≤10 mg/kg ≤±0.12 mg/kg Cv≤6%
10<x≤100 mg/kg ≤±1.00 mg/kg Cv≤2%
Above 100 mg/kg ≤±2.00 % Cv≤1%

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