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Rotary Evaporator, lab-scale, REV-1000AX

  • Evaporating Flask Volume: 1L
  • Lift Mechanism: Automatic lift
  • Rotation Speed: 0~310RPM
  • Temperature Range: RT.~210℃

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  1. Automatic lifting, with safety stop function, timing function design,
  2. Common experimental data storage, one click start, rapid distillation,
  3. It has USB interface for data export Printing function
  4. Vertical, condensing pipe is designed with drip point and backflow prevention device
  5. Unmanned mode safe operation function, automatic standby at the end of the experiment,
  6. Integrated glass rotating shaft, stable start, forward and reverse operation
  7. Dry burn protection, over temperature power failure warning, automatic standby protection
  8. Built in vacuum control system, automatic pressure relief The setting is convenient and fast,
  9. The heating pot is designed with a safety handle to prevent scalding
  10. Compact and compact structure, less space,
  11. Sealing parts: sealing imported PTFE special process mold synthesis
Rotary Evaporator
  • Large screen color touch screen, multi data display, menu interface
  • Heating pot, Teflon coating, easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant
Rotary-Evaporator details
  • The special bottle returning knob design makes bottle returning simple and convenient



Sample bottle 25~1000ml
Rotation speed  0~310rpm/min
Evaporation capacity Max.25ml/min(H2O)
Equipment vacuum The vacuum inside the equipment can reach 2mbar
Temp. range Water oil dual-purpose pot

Water bath: RT ~99 ℃, ± 0.5; Oil bath: RT ~210 ℃, ± 2 ℃;

Bath size φ20Χ11.5cm(about 3.5L)
Lifting stroke touch type automatic balance lifting (lifting stroke 130mm) there is a fixed 30mm safety distance to the end point to prevent collision
Power 1KW
Condenser Vertical
Cond. Area 1800cm²
Voltage AC220V
Frequency 50Hz
Factory configuration 1L * 1 sample bottle;

Recycling bottle S35 × ball mill mouth collection bottle 0.5L*1.

Package size 67x500x465mm
Instrument size 550x360x640mm
Gross weight 34Kg
Over Temp. Alarm Yes
Humidity Requested ≤80%
Temp. Requested 5℃–40℃

Accessories & Package

Accessories & Package 



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