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Shaking Incubator, ICB-S0420, ICB-S1020

  1. Temperature control range:Room temperature +5℃~60℃
  2. Time settings:1min~ 99h59min/∞
  3. Amplitude:20mm
  4. Capacity (250ml beaker):5 pieces,9 pieces

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ICB-S1020 ICB-S0420
Shaking Incubator, ICB-S0420, ICB-S1020345 Shaking Incubator, ICB-S0420, ICB-S1020

Product characteristics:

The constant temperature incubation shaker is a small bench-top shaking incubator that combines the functions of gas bath constant temperature and horizontal oscillation.
It is widely used in the fields of biotechnology, microbiology, medical analysis, etc.A variety of optional trays meet the placement and fixation of various flasks, beakers, petri dishes, test tubes and other containers.
Its ingenious combination of precise temperature control and low frequency and high amplitude oscillation functions;And it has the characteristics of small size, convenient operation, simple maintenance and so on.


Model Temperature control range Time settings Amplitude Speed range Capacity (250ml beaker) Equipment size (mm)
ICB-S0420 Room temperature +5℃~60℃ 1min~ 99h59min/∞ 20mm 50~300Rpm 5 pieces 421×320×338
ICB-S1020 Room temperature +5℃~60℃ 1min~ 99h59min/∞ 20mm 50~250Rpm 9 pieces 632x502x512

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