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Ultrasonic Cell Disruptor,USCG-2000

  1. Net Electricity:2000W
  2. Horn Diameter:20mm
  3. Processing Capacity:0.1—3000ml
  4. Automatic resonance point
  5. Automatic amplitude compensation
  6. Adopt color touch screen controller

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Working Principle
First, the supply electric power is converted into high frequency and high voltage power. This energy is transferred to the transducer and converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration, which is then amplified by amplitude displacement and then the energy is aggregated by the titanium alloy probe. When this energy is applied on the liquid, it will generate a powerful pressure wave. This pressure wave will form millions of microscopic bubbles, which will grow rapidly with high frequency vibration and then suddenly close. When the bubbles are closed, a strong shock wave is generated due to collision between the liquids, and the pressure is equal to thousands of atmospheric pressures (ie, ultrasonic cavitation). It causes strong shearing motion on the top of the titanium alloy probe and shears the molecules in gas into smaller fragment. Ultrasonic cavitation is a unique physical process when strong ultrasound is emitted in liquid. It is accompanied by many effects, mainly as follows: high temperature effect, discharge effect , luminescence effect and jet, impact, pressure effect, etc. This energy is sufficient to crush cells, degrade, reorganize and homogenize various inorganic substances or pulverize nanomaterials.

Product Features
1.Automatic resonance point, 24KHz (19-26KHz Automatic Frequency Scanning and Checking);
2.Automatic amplitude compensation, which can automatically work at the optimal frequency point and output point according to the fluidity of the sample;
3.Adopt color touch screen controller, all functions are displayed integrated;
4.Scientific design, 10 groups of users store settings and directly implemented on a single machine;
5.Independent on/off pulse with 3 modes of continuous use, pulse and timed continuous use.
6.2D and 3D ultrasound probe design, which greatly improves efficiency and reduces the loss of the horn compared to conventional ultrasound;
6.The device is equipped with a temperature sensor for temperature-sensitive sample;
7.Automatic overload protection, over temperature and fault alarm.
8.Small bulb inside the box allows to observe the status of the sample during processing.


Ultrasound Main Engine Parameters

Power Supply 85-260V/50-60Hz
Net Power Output 2000W
Nominal Frequency 19-26KHz, real-time display (19-26KHzAutomatic Frequency Scanning and Checking)
Timer 1 min~99H can be set
Power Regulation 1%-100%, 1% progressive
Temperature Setting  0-300 ℃, 1℃progressive
Store Data 10 Groups (Set, Store, Check in Work Status)
Pulser Closed, open, 1S-60min can be set
Operation Mode Pulse、Time、continuous
LCD Display Screen Color Touch Screen, Resolution: 400 x 240
Operational Language English
Main Interface Display Parameters Ultrasound Output Power, Frequency, Working Mode, User Group, Setting Key, Operation Status, Start/Stop, Operation Parameters
Running Interface Displays Total running time, working time, pause time, user group, overload temperature, power output ratio, working mode, program save key
Small Bulb Small bulb inside the box allows to observe the status of the sample during processing.
Size 18.5×12.6×20.6in (470×320×525mm)

Parameters of Ultrasonic Probe

Configuration of Piezoelectric Frequency Converter
Piezoelectric Frequency Converter CV33, PZT Lead Zirconate Titanate Piezoelectric Ceramics
Standard Amplifier Aluminum Alloy Material: T1-6AL-4V
Horn Diameter 20mm
Processing Capacity 1000—3000ml
Total Length 105-115mm (variable ratio)
Cable Line 150cm

Optional Accessories

Ultrasonic Horn(Optional) Φ10(50~500mL)   Φ16(50~1200mL)Φ18(1000~2200mL)

Packing list

Ultrasonic probe 1pc
Lifting platform, anti-skid pad 1pc
The power cord 1pc
Temperature sensor 1pc
Transducer cable 1pc
Fuse 3pcs
Operating user manual 1set


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