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Urine Sediment Analyzer, USA-C50

  1. Whole view field microscopic high definition images
  2. Min. sample volume: 2.0mL
  3. Samplepreparation fully automated
  4. Fully automated measuring process

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  • Smallfootprint: 457x414x608mm (LxDxH)
  • Throughput:up to 50 samples/hour
  • Only2mL sample is required

         Technology Standard

  • Bighigh resolution touch screen makes operation extremely easy
  • Wholeview field images, similar to HPF images to routine manual microscopy

         Simple to Operate

  • Samplepreparation fully automated
  • Onekeystart and fully automated measuring process
  • Cuvettesare the only consumables needed
  • Noneed of additional reagents
  • Eachtest is processed in one cuvette means no carry over
Urine-Sediment-Analyzer           Smart System

  • LatestAI technology processes sample   identification, counting and classification automatically
  • Thecomputer automatically selects the highest quality image using autofocus
The  urine  sample  is  injected  into  the  cuvette  by  the  aspiration  needle  from  the  test  tube.  The centrifugation process is performed at an acceleration level of 260G, creating a monolayer of particles at the bottom of the cuvette, to drive all the particles to the same level. Digital optical is used to record high resolution images of 10-20 positions, which are evaluated for various formed elements of the urinary sediment  automatically  by  AI  technology.


Model USA-C50
Technology Whole view field microscopic high-definition images Centrifugal accelerated sedimentation
AI (Artificial Intelligence) identification
Detected partical classes ≥ 11 items: RBC; WBC; HYA; PAT; EPI; NEC; BAC; YEA; CRY; CaOxm; CaOxd; MUC
Memory max 25,000 results (including all images)
Min. sample volume 2.0mL
Throughput 50 samples/hour
Batch size single sample tube
Cuvette container 50 pcs
User interface 13.3’ LCD with touch screen
Size 457x414x608mm(LxDxH)
Weight 30kg
Power 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA


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