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Vacuum Oven, DOV-E II Series

  1. Volume: 54L, 25L, 91L, 215L
  2. Temperature Range(℃): RT+10~250, RT+10~200℃

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1. Tempered, bullet-proof double glass door ensures the safety of operator and clear observation of the chamber.
2. Storage, heating, testing and drying can be performed in the environment without oxygen or in an inert atmosphere. It will not cause oxidation.
3. Equipped with leakage protection.

1.Programmable temperature controller
2.Built-in Printer
3.RS485 Connector
4.Inert gas inlet valve
5. Small vacuum pump (DOV-25E II, DOV-55E II)
6. Large vacuum pump (DOV-90E II, DOV-215E II)

drying oven drying oven drying oven
Axillary temp. control

1. Polished stainless steel chamber, durable and easy to clean

2.Door tightness can be adjusted, silicon sealing. To keep vacuum states in the chamber, working chamber fill with inert gas (inflation pressure≤ 0.1 MPa)

Microprocessor controller with LCD display, more accurate and reliable



Model DOV-55E II DOV-25E II DOV-90E II DOV-215E II
Power Supplly AC 220V, 50Hz
Power Rating 1.4KW 0.5KW 1.6KW 2.2KW
Temperature Range(℃) RT+10~250 RT+10~200℃
Temperature Fluctuation ±1℃
Display Resolution  0.1℃
Vacuum Degree <133 Pa
Volume 54L 25L 91L 215L
Chamber Size (W×D×H)cm 42×35×37 30×30×28 45×45×45 56×60×64
Exterior Size (W×D×H)cm 71×59×53 58×57×45 61×66×145 72×82×175
Package Size (W×D×H)cm 82×70×69 70×64×60 78×76×163 89×92×193
Net/Gross(kg) 75/106 35/50 90/145 145/195



drying oven


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