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Vertical Electrophoresis Tank, GEP-VH-SCZO4B1

  1. Gel area: 30*13cm
  2. Gel thickness: 1mm
  3. Large sample volume, up to 200 samples can be electrophoresed at one time.

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This series of products is specially designed for the molecular marker purity of a large number of samples from the DNA level through methods such as SSR or RAPD, and is especially suitable for genetics, breeding, seed purity testing and authenticity identification.

1. The amount of testing samples is large, and the maximum loading amount of a double-plate electrophoresis tank is 200.
2. If GEP-PH-600D high-current output power supply is used, one power supply can supply power to four electrophoresis tanks at the same time, which meets the needs of high-throughput detection and greatly reduces the purchase cost of the instrument.
3. Three sets of high-purity platinum electrodes provide a stable electric field.
4. It can be connected to cooling circulating water, with a constant electrophoresis temperature, and can use high voltage electrophoresis.


Model GEP-VH-SCZ04B1
Gel Area 300*130mm
Sampling Comb 102teeth,68teethgun sampling
Adapted GEP-PH-600C: Can run two electrophoresis tanks simultaneously
power supply GEP-PH-600D: Can run four electrophoresis tanks simultaneously


Name Quantity
Upper cover of electrophoresis cell 1pc.
Electrophoresis cell body 1set
Concave gel glass plate 2pcs.
Flat gel glass plate 2pcs.
102 teeth sampling comb 2pcs.
68 teeth sampling comb 2pcs.
Circulating water pipe 2pcs.
Stationery folder 8pcs.
Wire 1pc.
Bubble hook 2pcs.


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