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Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, SP-LV22

  1. Wavelength Range: 340-1000nm
  2. Wavelength Accuracy: ±2 nm
  3. Auto 0% T &100% T adjustment T/A transformation
  4. Direct concentration readout function
  5. Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cell rack

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Single Beam Spectrophotometer

1.Aspherical light source optics, Czerny-turner configuration diffraction grating monochromator.
2.Simple & clear keyboard operation is convenient to realize auto 0% T &100% T adjustment T/A transformation, factor setting and direct concentration readout function;
3.With RS232 parallel interface, special serial printer can be chosen for printing data directly;
4.With RS232 serial interface, data processing package compatible, Transmittance and Absorbance, Standard Curve Mode, Quantitative Analysis Mode are provided;
5.Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cell rack, adaptable for 1-5 cm optical path rectangular cells.

Applications and Features
SP-LV22 Spectrophotometer is a compact and easy to operate instrument. It can be applied in measurement of transmittance, absorbance and direct concentration readout of transparent material. They have been versatility employed in the fields of hygiene and medicine, clinical examination, biochemistry, petrol chemical engineering, environmental monitoring and inspections, and quality controls for qualitative and quantitative analysis of concerning samples.


Model SP-LV22
Product Standard Enterprise Standard Q/SEEK3
Display Mode 4 digits LED
Wavelength Range 340-1000nm
Light Source Lamp Halogen-Tungsten Lamp, 20W/12V
Wavelength Accuracy ±2 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility 1 nm
Band width 6 nm
Photometric Accuracy ±0.5%(T)(SRM930D)
Photometric Reproducibility 0.3%(T)
Stray Light £0.2%(T)
Noise ±0.5%(T)
Scale Display TRANS,0-199.9%
ABS -0.3-2.999
FACT 1-9999
CONC 0-9999
Power Requirement 220V/110V±10% 50/60 Hz
Interface RS232 serial & parallel l interface
Print serial printer/general printer (windows compatible; use software package )
Dimension  (L×W×H) 450×420×280mm
Weight(Kg) 7(N) 9.5(G)
Complete set A set: SP-LV22


Standard Package

  • SP-LV22main unit 1 Set
  • 1 cm Rectangular cell 1 Case (4 PCs)
  • 4 position cell holder 1 PC.
  • Power cable 1 PC.
  • Operation manual 1 PC.
  • Certificate of quality checking 1 PC.
  • Fuse (2A) 1 PC.

Optional Spare Parts and Accessories

  • Fuse (2A/3A)
  • Source lamp assembly complete with pre-adjusted lamp holder
  • Rectangular cells 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm
  • 5 cm cell rack
  • Spectrophotometer data processing software package for cooperate with PC
  • RS-232C serial cable



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