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Water Purifier, LWP-F2

  1. Resistivity: 16-18.2MΩ°℃
  2. Heavy Metal lon: <0.1pbb
  3. PM (>0.2um): <1/ml
  4. lon Rejection Rate: 96%-99% (when new RO film is used)
  5. Organic Rejection Rate: >99% (when MV>200 Dalton)
  6. PM and Bacteria Rejection Rate: >99%

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  • It is an integrated system which produces pure water and high-pure water using tap water;
  • Two lines of LCD display, three touch keys and one-key operation;
  • Online monitoring of quality and temperature of pure water and high-pure water;
  • Protection from misoperation such as cleaning and circulation;
  • Early warning and protection from leakage and low pressure;
  • American DOW RO film imported with original packaging ensures long life of RO film and high water quality;
  • Resistance constant of conductivity meter: 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity: ±0.1°C, automatic temperaturecompensation;
  • The main power supply is 24VDC (low voltage) which conforms to the safety code. ABS engineering plastic housing and water-power separated structure adapt to humid environment, avoid damaging human body and produce ultralowradiation. The system adopts advanced EMC design and features strong interference immunity and low noise.
  • 1 set of integrated 10L purified module and 1 set of 10L UP module. The system is internally installed with 10L+10L American Dow purified precise resin and nuclear grade resin imported with original packaging. The effluent quality reaches up to 16-18.2MΩ.cm.


Product Type LWP-F2
Influent Requirement* Urban tap water:IDS<200ppm, 5-45°℃,1.0-4.0Kgfcm'(if influent TDS>200ppm,external softener is
System Process** PF+PP+RO+DI+UV
Indexes of DI Water:
Resistivity 16-18.2MΩ°℃
Heavy Metal lon <0.1pbb
PM (>0.2um) <1/ml
RO Indexes:
lon Rejection Rate 96%-99% (when new RO film is used)
Organic Rejection Rate >99% (when MV>200 Dalton)
PM and Bacteria
Rejection Rate
Water Yield (25°C)*** 40/60/80/100L/H
Instantaneous Water
1.5-2.OL/min (pressure barrel is needed)
Water Outlet 2PCS.: RO water,Dl water
Size/Weight (W*D*H)560×500×1060mm/ about 85Kg
Standard Configuration Host (including 1 set of purified column)+external 42Lpressure barrel+ accessory bag

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