Micro Analytical Balance

Micro Analytical Balance



Micro analytical balance

0.00001g/62g~220g Micro analytical balance


1. Electromagnetic force recovery weighing system
2. Highly integrated load cell
3. Recipe database: can store 99 recipes, each recipe contains up to 20 ingredients
4. Large graphic display, easy and efficient operation
5. Multiple languages are supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
6. Record the saved weight value in GLP/ISO format, including date, time, and serial number
7. Large windshield glass cover, with 3 sliding doors, easy to operate the items to be weighed
8. Keyboard plastic protection


   Model BMA1265 BMA2285 BMA22105 BMA125 BMA165 BMA205
   Capacity(g) 62g/120g 82g/220g 102g/220g 122g 162g 202g
   Resolution(mg) 0.01mg/0.1mg 0.01mg
    Min Weighing(mg) 60mg 100mg 100mg
   Stable Time ≤6s
   Display LCD(white back light with black font)
   Pan Size Φ80mm
   Operation Temp 5-25℃ 20-80% humidity
   Repeatability 0.03mg/0.1mg 0.05mg/0.1mg 0.05mg 0.05mg
   Liner ±0.08/±0.2mg ±0.1/ ±0.2mg ±0.1mg ±0.1mg
   Draft Shield Size 152mm×160mm×225mm
   Cal.weight Internal Calibration
   Option Printer
   Package 345×215×345mm
   G.W./N.W.  8.25kg/5.8kg 8.3kg/5.85kg
   IONISER Option Standard
   Language Italian/English/Portuguese/German/France/Spanish
   Packing Size 510x400x620mm(No pallet)
   Power Supply 110-230V  50/60Hz Out DC 12V 1A