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CO2 Shaking Incubator, ICB-CO2-2S203

  1. Capacity:184L
  2. CO2 range: 0~20.0%
  3. Convolution shaking
  4. Multidimensional drive
  5. Orbit Diameter: φ50mm( φ 26, φ 35mm can be customized)

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It occupies a small area and provides users with a large space for use. Each layer can be controlled independently, and each layer can be operated simultaneously at different temperature and rotation speed or any layer can be operated according to needs.

1. Convenient and easy operation. Users can easily pull the platform out to load or unload fixtures and then push it back and lock, which is fast and convenient to operation.
2. Three stackable layers structure. Each layer can be independently controlled. Temperature, speed and time can be set alone. Users can run any layer as required.
3. High pressure water rinses the bottom of the chamber and platform. Simple cleaning, fast and efficient.
4. Advanced USB data automatic record, download and processing system. It has large storage, and automatic recording & saving in the full test processing. The data could be directly downloaded by USB or automatically downloaded by wireless.
5. Automatic analyzing, listing table, charting and printing on downloaded dates. It can trace back to the whole process of experiment in order to optimize the reaction conditions and choose the test method to confirm the experiment process.
6. High quality servo motor. Accurate control speed, noiseless, durable and high efficiency.
7. Multi-steps rotate speed, temperature and time control systems. Different rotational speed, temperature and time can be set at one time; Operation model can be automatically converted during operation.
8. Slow accelerate and decelerate design. Start and stop slowly to prevent bacteria or cells from being damaged by excessive shear force.
9. Advantaged air duct design. Air duct design contributes to high-precision temperature uniformity.
10. Automatic defrosting function. It makes shakers operating stably in low temperature for a long time.
11. High-precision speed control. The motor speed is stable and accurate, and the accuracy is±1RPM.
12. High-precision temperature control. The measurement accuracy is 0.1 ° C. Audible and visual alarm will be given when the measured temperature deviates from the set value.
13. Unique drive system. It makes the machine running smoothly, stably, durably and reliably.
14. Open door protection. The machine stops running to protect the safety of the operator when the door opens.
15. Super visual 7 inch color touch screen. Modular classification displays different functions; 7 inch touch screen under large angle to display control parameters.
16. Real-time temperature and speed curve display function. Historical data and real-time data are displayed on the same chart for easy check.
17. Memorized and protected operating parameters. In case of unexpected power failure, it can automatically restore the original setting process.
18. Function of encrypted and locked operating parameters. It can avoid human errors.
19. Continuously running or timing. Shakers can display the set time and time remaining
20. Unique slow-start design. It can prevent the splashing of shaking bottle liquid caused by sudden startup, and effectively ensure the accuracy of quantitative experiment.
21. A remote WIFI operation as an optional. Mobile phone operation can be realized. Clock and date can be displayed (touch screen only).


Model ICB-CO2-2S203
Capacity 184L
Circulation Forced air convection
Drive Mode Multidimensional drive
Shake Mode Convolution
Orbit Diameter  φ50mm( φ 26, φ 35mm can be customized)
Cyclotron Frequency Range 0;20-300rpm/min                         (To do static culture)
Resolution ±1rpm
Dimension(W*D*H) External 1120×790×620mm(per unit)
Platform 600×450mm
CO2 Range 0~20.0%
Resolution ± 0.1% (concentration: 5%)
Temperature Range  RT-20~ 65℃(Ambient-20℃)
Fluctuation ≤0.1℃(37℃)
Resolution ±0.1℃
Uniformity ±0.6℃(37℃)
Flask Clamp Max. Capacity 250ml×32 or 500ml×20 or 1000ml×12 or 2000ml×7

(per unit)

Standard Capacity 500ml×20
Sticky Mat 250ml×30 or 500ml×18 or 1000ml×12 or 2000ml×6

(per unit)

Controller PID
Display 7 inch touch screen
Timer 0-999.9h
Safety Device Self-diagnosis, temperature runaway, abnormal alarm
Electricity Voltage/Frequency AC 220±10%V / 50Hz
Consumption 1200W
N.W./G.W. 200/250kg
Shipping Dimension (W*D*H) 1275*950*810mm

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