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Fully Automatic Coagulation Analyzer, BCA-A-4-6

  • Full automatic and manual dual-mode test function
  • Alarm function for insufficient test cup and reagent
  • Automatic or manual scaling function
  • With LED work lighting

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The full-automatic coagulation tester adopts the solid test method and immune turbidimetry test, which is mainly used in the emergency detection of medium and high-end customers, and better meets the full-automatic detection needs of small customers.


  • The full-automatic sampling and testing system reduces 20 operating procedures for manual detection of semi-automatic instruments, greatly improving work efficiency.
  • It not only has the four detection functions of coagulation routine, but also has the detection functions of D-dimer, FDP and other coagulation related special items, so as to provide more complete diagnostic data for clinical practice. The instrument can be connected to Lis system for easy management.
  • The automatic sample adding and testing system ensures the consistency and accuracy of test results of different operators, and eliminates errors and medical risks caused by manual operation.
  • With refrigeration function, interchangeable inclined reagent position and sample adding system with constant temperature heating and liquid level sensing, the reagent can be used longer to avoid waste and ensure the accuracy of test results.
  • The sampling probe has the functions of liquid level induction and constant temperature heating.
  • Dynamic test solidification curve can be displayed.
  • With batch test and emergency priority insertion test function.
  • With abnormal test result alarm and automatic retest function.
  • With cleaning liquid shortage alarm, waste liquid overflow alarm function.
  • Optical coagulation method background scanning, remove jaundice, high-fat background interference function.


Model BCA-A-4-6
Test Speed(Ts/h) 100
Probe 1
Test Method Optical
Test Items APTT, PT, FIB,TT
Test Channels 4
Sample Position 5
Reagent Position 6
Refrigeration Function yes
Washing Position 1
Optical Cuvettes Loading 4
LED Lighting LED Yes
Insufficient Alarm for Cuvettes, Reagents,Detergent Yes
Overflow Alarm for Waste Liquid Yes
LIS System Yes
Weight 30Kg
Dimension 53*47*42cm

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