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Graphite Digester, KJD 8E, KJD-10P/KJD-10S, KJD-15P/KJD-15S, KJD-20P/KJD-20S

  1. graphite S and aluminum alloy L to choose.
  2. over-temperature protection
  3. 0-40 sections of program
  4. Number of sample holes:8, 10, 15, 20 holes
  5. Designed temperature:600℃ / 400℃

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  • S and L series products have integrated design for the heating plate, and the overall performance and inter-hole uniformity of the heating plate have been greatly improved. Product component of these two series products have strong commonality, therefore is easy to replace and maintain.
  • The heating block has two materials – graphite S and aluminum alloy L – for users to choose.
  • The furnace shell adopts front and rear isolation design, and its strong ventilation and cooling ensures the long-term and stable operation of the equipment.
  • The shell surface is equipped with over-temperature protection sensor, when the temperature of the surface is too high, it will alarm and stop to prevent accidents.
  • The table top is made of 304 brushed stainless steel, which has certain corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.
  • The equipped digestive tube is made of 2mm high quality borosilicate glass with high transparency and durability.
  • The digestive tube holder is made of 304 stainless steel material, which is corrosion resistant and practical.
  • The intelligent temperature control system adopts 5-inch color touch screen, and the information displayed is detailed, and easy to understand and operate.
  • The input method of recipe program is tabular fast input method with clear logic, fast speed and not easy to go wrong.
  • 0-40 sections of program can be arbitrarily selected and set.
  • Dual-mode of single point heating and curve heating that can be arbitrarily selected.  Intelligent P, I, D self-adjustment with high precision, reliability and stability.
  • The electrical control system uses solid state relay (regulating module) for mute and strong anti-interference capability.
  • Segmented power supply and restart function to avoid power failure preventing potential risks.

Features of S series products

High-density graphite heating module is a product designed and created for samples that is difficult to digest. Its high temperature (the designed temperature may reach 600℃), good uniformity and small temperature buffer make it an ideal heating material.

Features of E series Products

The surface of 6061 aluminum alloy heating block adopts coating process from aviation industry; with its beautiful appearance, rapid heating speed and long life span, it is currently widely used material and the design temperature can reach 400℃.

Features of B Series Products

It adopts liquid crystal temperature controller, with timing shutdown and it has PID intelligent control which is cost-effective.


Model name KJD-8E KJD-10P / KJD-10S KJD-15P / KJD-15S KJD-20P / KJD-20S
Number of sample holes 8 holes 10 holes 15holes 20holes
Aperture Φ43.5mm
Heating module material 6061 aluminium alloy High density graphite / 6061 aluminum alloy
Designed temperature 400℃ 600℃ / 400℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Heating rate ≈6-15℃/min
Operating system Liquid crystal temperature controller 5.5-inch color touch screen
Control mode Not applicable Dual-mode of 1-40 sections of the curve (program) heating / single point heating
Recipe management Not applicable 9 groups
Timing shutdown 1—999 minutes
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Heating power 2Kw 2kw 3Kw 4Kw
Boundary dimension 530*320*220 439*387*533 490*387*533 542*387*533
Net weight (Kg) 16Kg 18 Kg 21 Kg 26 Kg


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