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Kjeldahl Analyzer, KJA-9830, KJA-9830A

  1. Analytical range:0.1—200 mg N
  2. Accuracy(RSD):≤0.5%(30mgN,0.1mol/L H+)
  3. Titrant concentration input mode:Manual input
  4. Sample analysis time:3-4min/( cooling water temp 18℃)
  5. Blank deduction of sample:Automatic deduction
  6. User-made recipe:99 groups

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KJA-9830  Unique Advantages and Features

1.Operating system:adopt 7.5-inch color touch screen with man-machine dialogue mode easy to operate, easy to learn.
2.Protein coefficient query:the built-in “protein coefficient query table” is available for users to consult, inquire and participate in the system calculation which is convenient for users to use.
3.Storage, query and print of analysis data:data storage amounts to 140,000 pieces for users tocheck, and the printer is 57CM thermal automatic paper cutting printer
4.One machine with dual-function:this series of products can measure not only “amino” samples but also “nitro” samples, such as “nitro ammonia” fertilizer, which can save 50% of the purchasing cost for users
5.Modular structure:patented technology with “modular structure” design makes the internal layout more reasonable, pipeline distribution more simple which greatly reduce the chance of the pipeline fault. And it is easy to maintain and preserve.
6.Refrigerating circulator interface: the “refrigeration system” does not need to be turned on or off any more. When the azotometer is heated, it will automatically start up to cool the azotometer, and when the azotometer is turned off, it will automatically shut down.
7.Ammonia separator (anti-splash bottle): selects the sodium glass material which is resistant to strong alkali corrosion, thoroughly solve the problem of ammonia separator corroding caused by long time soaking in strong alkali.
8.Leakage protection system: prevent personal injury caused by electric leakage and electric shock caused by various reasons.
9.Digestive tract absence protection: the system will not add reagents and heat when digestive tract is not yet placed, preventing reagents, steam from hurting people.
10.Safety door protection: the 5mm-thick transparent safety door is easy to operate and ensures personal safety.
11.Steam system water-shortage protection: when the steam system is short of water, the system will automatically stop, alarm, to prevent accidents.
12.Steam pot over-temperature protection: if the distillation system fails and the temperature in the steam pot is too high, the system will automatically stop and alarm.
13.Safe alkali-adding mode: this mode can reduce the strong neutralization reaction during the alkali adding process and prevent the occurrence of tube bursting.

KJA-9830A Unique Advantages and Features

1.Automatic discharge of digestive waste liquid: a large amount of waste liquid will remain in the digestive tube after distillation. The automatic “waste discharge system” can reduce the labor intensity of workers.
2.Steam flow regulation: adjusts the steam flow from 70% to 100% to apply different concentrations of samples.
3.Automatic cleaning of the alkali pipeline: the system automatically cleans the alkali pipeline every time after it is shut down, preventing the alkali pipeline from being blocked after long time shutdown.
4.Steam overpressure protection: the pressure measuring alarm system composed of pressure transmitter and CPU, when the system pressure is too high, the system will alarm and stop to prevent accidents.
5.Sample overtemperature alarm: in order to prevent the increase of sample temperature caused by too little cooling water flow and thus affecting the analysis data, the system will alarm when it is over-temped and displays the real-time temperature of the sample.
6.Cooling water flow monitoring: the monitoring system will alarm and stop when the cooling water flow is too small or too large.


Model name KJA-9830 KJA-9830A
Analytical range 0.1—200 mg N
Accuracy (RSD) ≤0.5% (30mgN,0.1mol/L H+)
Recovery rate ≥99.5%
Titrant concentration input mode Manual input
Sample analysis time 3-4min/( cooling water temp 18℃)
Blank deduction of sample Automatic deduction
User-made recipe 99 groups
Re-add alkali during distillation process 0-99mL/ per time
Fertilizer analysis model (nitro) Reaction time 0-2 hours
Cooling water consumption 1.2L—3L/min
communication interface 485/network/cooling water/reagent level
Data storage 140,000 sets of data
Printer Not applicable 57CM thermal automatic paper cutting printer
The digestive tube discharges waste automatically Manual processing Automatic discharge
Steam pressure monitoring and alarm Not applicable 40kpa
Distillation sample temperature monitoring and alarm Not applicable 50℃
Cooling water flow monitoring and alarm Not applicable 0.8-10L/min
Steam flow control Not applicable 70%-100%
Automatic cleaning of alkali pipeline Not applicable Automatic cleaning
Safe alkali adding mode Equipped(0-999 sec)
Steam boiler over-temperature alarm system 120℃
Steam boiler with dry burning-resistant protection Equipped
Safety Gate Switch Equipped
Digestive tube vacancy switch Equipped
Operating voltage AC220V/50Hz
Heating power 2000W
Boundary dimension 500*460*710mm
Net weight 23Kg 28Kg


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