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Melting Point Apparatus, MTP-1C/MTP-2C

  • Measuring range: R.T.~360℃, R.T.~400℃
  • Number of capillary: 3; 1
  • Data storage: 1000 set
  • Touch Screen
  • Measurement methods: automatic

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  • Measurement of melting point is one of the important methods of measurement of purity
  • To be used in production of medicines, dye-stuffs, perfumes and other organic crystal substances
  • Use PIO & PWM to control the temperature
  • Automatically records the melting curve
  • It can calculate average value of initial and final melting points automatically
  • Touch Screen
  • USB and RS232
  • MTP-2C can measure 3 samples at the same time


Parameters/Model MTP-2C MTP-1C
Measurement display R.T.~360 R.T.~400
Minimum digital display 0.1℃
Linear heating-up rate 0.1℃~20℃/min
Accuracy ≤200℃: ±0.4℃; >200℃: ±0.7℃
Repeatability 0.3℃ (heating rate: 1.0℃/min)
Size of the capillary Φ1.4mm (outside diameter); Φ1.0mm (inside diameter); Length: 90mm
Number of capillary 3 1
Loading height of the sample 3 mm
Data storage 1000 set
Optional accessories Printer (RD-TH32-SC)
Display 7-inch touch LCD
Interface RS232/USB
Dimension 580mm×430mm×310mm
Weight (Gross) 13 kg 11 kg

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