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Nucleic Acid Extractor, Automatic, NAE-0132

  • Sample throughput: 1-32
  • Applicable consumables: 96-well plates
  • Magnetic bead recovery rate: ≥99.5%
  • Working volume: 20-1000μl

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The Purifier 32 magnetic particle processor is designed for automated transfer and processing of magnetic particles in microplate format. The patented technology of the Purifier 32 system is based on the use of magnetic rods covered with a disposable, specially designed tip comb and plates. The instrument functions without any dispensing or aspiration parts or devices. Samples and reagents, including magnetic particles, are dispensed into the plates according to the corresponding instructions. The protocol that is selected by the user via touchscreen has already been transferred onto the onboard software. GENFINE Purifier 32 Software can be used to create and run protocols.

Product Advantages

  1. High throughput;
  2. Huge kit portfolio;
  3. Prefilled 96-well plates;
  4. Easy to set up and run;
  5. No cross contamination;
  6. Efficient: 3 levels of amplitude, 5 levels of frequency;With the original virus extraction kit, the extraction can be completed in 13 minutes;
  7. Precise: The deep hole heating strip with stronger wrapping reduces the error between the set temperature and the actual temperature;
  8. Intelligent: Customize Chinese or English interface according to customers’ needs; Save program (e.g. Virus /DNA/ Protein) according to extraction type for easy lookup;
  9. Secure: HEPA H11 effectively preventscross contamination; When the program is finished, the irradiation time of the ULTRAVIOLET disinfection lamp can be customized.


Working voltage AC110-240V, 50-60Hz
Working temperature 10-40°C
Working humidity less than 80%
Sample throughput 1-32, the minimum sample throughput is 1 sample/time
Pick-up slots 2 slots
Applicable consumables 96-well deep-well plates, 6-well reagent strips, etc.
Heating position 2, 6, 8, 12 rows can be heated
Temperature control room temperature -99°C
Working volume 20-1000μl
Magnetic bead recovery rate ≥99.5%
Screen display Graphical color control panel, which can be used independently without a computer
Induction device pyroelectric technology
Operation interface 10-inch, 1024×768 color screen, free switching between Chinese and English
Network settings expandable Ethernet remote control
UV lamp Yes
Pollution control Level 11 HEPA filter
Exterior size (405mm×350mm×465mm) mm±10mm
Weight 22.5kg±0.5kg
USB interface Yes
Noise <60db
Experiment storage create up to 64 accounts, each account has up to 100 program storage space
Program management built-in program classification management function, preset programs
Oscillation mixing multi-mode and multi-gear adjustable
Magnetic attraction mode one-step magnetism and stepwise magnetism
Number of magnetic cycles adjustable 1-10
Relevant qualifications first-class medical device record certificate, ISO9001, ISO13485 quality management system certification

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