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Nucleic Acid Extractor, Automatic, NAE-0196

  • High throughput:1-96
  • Huge kit portfolio
  • Prefilled 96-well plates
  • Easy to set up and run
  • No cross contamination
  • Flexibility of input volume:20μl-5ml
  • The residual amount of magnetic beads <0.5%

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NAE-0196 automatic nucleic acid extractor uses magnetic beads separation technology to transfer magnetic beads between deep-well plates containing specific reagents, and load a disposable tip comb on the magnetic rods. The magnetic rods and tip combs separation can achieve magnetic beads collection, release, transfer, and incubation. Matching with GenFine excellent nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can extract high-quality nucleic acids from samples such as saliva, swabs, dry blood spots, whole blood, serum/plasma, animal and plant tissues.


1.Contamination controllable: closed enclosure, ultraviolet sterilization device and 11-level HEPA high efficiency air filter can effectively reduce aerosol contamination.

2.High throughput&Large volume capacity: The heating module and the magnetic rod can be easily replaced with 24 channels, and the program is compatible with 96 high throughput and 24 large volume capacity extraction.96 samples can be extracted within 13 minutes.

3.Liquid level recognition: The amplitude can be automatically adjusted according to the liquid volume to avoid liquid overflow caused by improper parameter settings.

4.Cyclic magnetic beads absorption: the magnetic beads absorption can be cycled repeatedly to make the residual amount of magnetic beads <0.5%.

5.Power-off protection: while power-off, the program can continue to execute after repowering.


Model NAE-0196
Record certificate NMPA Reg. No.20200038
Temperature control Room temperature –99°C
Magnetic beads recovery rate >99.5%
Oscillating mixing Multi-mode and multi-speed adjustable, the amplitude can be automatically adjusted according to the liquid volume
Power 100–240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Data storage Store> 500 groups of programs
Operation interface 7″ 870 x 1550 Color screen, free switch between Chinese and English interface
Power-off protection Yes
Power control Servo motor
Oscillating technology Super Vibrate
Computer interface RS232
Operating temperature range 10°C–40°C
Operating humidity range Below 80%
Weight 45kg
Size 685mm x 840mm x 420mm
UVlamp Yes
Contamination control Level 11 HEPA

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