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Thawing Time Limit Tester, SMTP-1

  • Number of sleeve racks: 3 sets
  • Size of transparent sleeve: height 60mm; inner diameter 52mm
  • Stainless steel net rack: 2 sheets, diameter of 50mm, with 39 holes of 4mm

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SMTP-1 Thawing Time Limit Tester is used to inspect the condition of thawing, softening or dissolution of solid preparations such as suppositories or vaginal tablets under the prescribed conditions. It’s a mechatronic product which is designed and produced in accordance with the requirements of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (Edition 2015) on “suppository thawing time limit inspection methods”.

Main features

  • Three-beaker, three-path, three-path synchronization, manual overturn.
  • Transparent sleeve, stainless steel net racks
  • Imported stainless steel is adopted for net racks.
  • Automatic temperature control, high temperature control precision
  • Magnetic water pump circulating water flow uniform heat system is adopted, and bath temperature is uniform.
  • Automatic temperature control and automatic time keeping.


Model SMTP-1
Number of sleeve racks 3 sets
Size of transparent sleeve height 60mm; inner diameter 52mm
stainless steel net rack 2 sheets, diameter of 50mm, with 39 holes of 4mm.
Timing range (10~900)min
Timing precision ±0.5min
Temperature control range (20~45)ºC
Temperature control precision ±0.5ºC
Volume of beaker 5L(3PCS)
Power supply 220V/50Hz/1000W

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