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VSC-H Digital Viscometer

  • Measuring Range(mPa·s): 50~200,000
  • Rotating Speed (RPM): 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
  • Number of Spindles: Spindles (Code21, 27, 28, 29) are equipped with the product

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Basic performance

  • The main measurement is solid at room temperature and liquid after high temperature heating, such as asphalt, hot melt adhesive, polyethylene wax and so on.
  • The measured data can be displayed directly on the LCD screen without secondary calculation. <VSoft Viscometer Data Collection, Analysis and Graphing Software> can also be selected to realize data acquisition and analysis and to compile the viscosity-temperature curve.
  • High subdivision stepper motor, accurate and stable speed.
  • LCD liquid crystal with blue backlight function can directly display the viscosity, speed, percentile torque, spindle number and the maximum viscosity and temperature of the selected spindle at the current speed. Viscosity value shows continuous change, beyond the measurement range there is an alarm sound prompt.
  • The measuring performance of the instrument has reached the level of the same type of products abroad through computer correction accuracy.
  • High-temperature furnace uses embedded integral heating, uniform heating and small thermal inertia.


Main technical indicators

Measuring Range(mPa·s) 50~200,000
Rotating Speed


5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Number of Spindles Spindles (Code21, 27, 28, 29) are equipped with the product
Accuracy ±1% full scale range in use
Repeatability ±0.5% full scale range in use
Sample capacity
(m L)
Temperature control range() 10℃ above ambient~300℃
Power Power adapter (input: 220V 50Hz)
LCD screen display Viscometer: The LCD screen can display the viscosity, speed, torque spindle, temperature and the maximum viscosity can be measured in the current spindle speed value.

The temperature controller: Display setting temperature and actual measuring temperature。



Digital viscosity meter 1 pce Ascending and falling 1 set
Frame and pipe 1 set Power adapter 1 pce
Standard spindle 1 set Spanner 1 pce
Seat and leveling feet 1 set RTD temperature probe 1 pce
Temperature controller 1 pce Heating furnace 1 pce
Insulation cover 1 pce Special tweezers 1 pce
Position bracket 1 pce Connect cable 1 pce
Power cord 1 pce Connection hook 2 set


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