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Water Purifier, LWP-G3

  1. Resistivity: 16-18.2MΩ.cm@25℃
  2. Heavy Metal lon: <0.1pbb
  3. PM (>0.2um): <1/ml
  4. lon Rejection Rate: 96%-99% (when new RO film is used)
  5. Organic Rejection Rate: >99% (when MV>200 Dalton)

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  • It is an integrated system which produces pure water and high-pure water using tap water;
  • Two lines of LCD display, three touch keys and one-key operation;
  • Online monitoring of quality and temperature of pure water and high-pure water;
  • Protection from misoperation such as cleaning and circulation;
  • Early warning and protection from leakage and low pressure;
  • American DOW RO film imported with original packaging ensures long life of RO film and high water quality;
  • Resistance constant of conductivity meter: 0.01cm-1, temperature sensitivity: ±0.1°C, automatic temperature compensation;
  • The main power supply is 24VDC (low voltage) which conforms to the safety code. ABS engineering plastic housing and water-power separated structure adapt to humid environment, avoid damaging human body and produce ultralow radiation. The system adopts advanced EMC design and features strong interference immunity and low noise.
  • 160*80*390mm integrated two-column purified module and 160*80*390mm integrated two-column UP module.
  • The whole column is made of edible PP. Hot melt machine enables once forming and no adhesives and impurities will be separated out. The system is internally installed with 3L American Dow purified precise resin imported with original packaging. The effluent quality reaches up to 16-18.2MΩ.cm.


Product Type LWP-G3
Influent Requirement* Urban tap water:TDS<200ppm,5-45°℃,1.0-4.0Kgf/cm³(if influent TDS>200ppm, external softener is
System Process*t PF+PP+RO+DI
Indexes of DI Water:
Resistivity 16-18.2MΩ.cm@25℃
Heavy Metal lon <0.1pbb
PM (>0.2um) <1/ml
RO Indexes:
lon Rejection Rate 96%-99% (when new RO film is used)
Organic Rejection Rate >99% (when MV>200 Dalton)
PM and Bacteria
Rejection Rate
Water Yield (25°C)*** 10/20/30/40LH
Instantaneous Water
1.5-2.0L/min (pressure barrel is needed)
Water Outlet 2PCS.: RO water,Dl water
Size/Weight (W*D*H)410×490×510mm/ about 25Kg
Standard Configuration Host (including 1 set of purified column)+external 12Lpressure barrel+ accessory bag

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