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Kjeldahl Digestion System, KJD-220F

  1. Temperature range: RT. +5 – 450℃
  2. Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
  3. Digestion tube capacity: 300mL

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It adopts advanced PID temperature control technology, with high accuracy heating up to 400℃only costs 20minutes. It has two temperature control modes: curve heating and linear temperature heating. It can edit and store 10 groups of digestion programs. Each group can set up a segment temperature and time gradient of up to 5 to meet different experimental needs of users.


  1. 20 positions, enhance working efficiency rapidly.
  2. Corrosion-resistant design.
  3. It adopts advanced insulation technology, which is eco-friendly, and can minimize energy intensity.
  4. Multi-protection, Over-current protection, high temperature warning, overload protection.
  5. LCD display.
  6. It’s used with microwave reaction system, so as to pretreat for microwave digestion or removing acid after digestion.
  7. Linear and curve temperature rise mode, up to 5 stages temperature setting.
  8. Curve temperature rise and linear temperature rise temperature control modes.

Gas Collection Hood:

  1. Using PFA sealed cap, longer life, excellent dealing effect.
  2. Clip-on sealing cap, easy for changing.
  3. Specialized water jet vacuum pump is adopted, no need for electric power.
  4. Drip tray design, beneficial for reducing corrosion damage from acid solutions.


Temperature range Room temperature +5 – 450℃
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Heating method Infrared heating and high-purity graphite conduction
Heating insulation method unique air duct insulation technology
Digestion tube capacity 300mL
Capacity per batch 20pcs/batch
Power supply 220 VAC±10% 50HZ
Power 3600W
Dimension 515mm×421mm×211mm
Net weight 25Kg


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