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LED Digital Rotary Evaporator, REV100-S

  1. Rotary Flask Volume: 5L
  2. Rotation Speed: 20~200 RPM
  3. Temperature Range: RT ~180℃
  4. Lift Mechanism: Automatic

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  • 5L heating bath with a wide temperature range (room temp.to180°C). Independent temperature control makes it can be used separately. Water/oil heating mode can be changed only through a switch.
  • Manual lift combined with auxiliary lift for precise positioning of the glassware.
  • PID control ensures high temperature accuracy at ±1°C (water).
  • Overheating protection temperature at 220°C
  • Boil-dry protection, automatically power off if heating without water/oil in the heating bath.
  • Speed range from 20 to 200rpm, timing interval operation in clockwise and anticlockwise directions for drying process.
  • Patented condenser (cooling surface 1200/1700cm² for selection), double helix condensing tube + center circular arc design to speed up the flow rate of liquid with excellent cooling effect.
  • Ejection mechanism ensures easy exchange of evaporating flask.
  • Adjustable immersion angle.
  • Patented double spring sealing ring which is made of PTFE provides an excellent sealing performance.
  • Remote function provides PC control and data transmission.
  • Compatible with the entire range of RE100-Pro glassware.
  • Optional glassware with explosion proof film available.
  • Hot warming above 50°C.


Specifications REV100-S
Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Speed Range 20-200rpm
Display LED (speed, temperature, time)
Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Yes
Heating Temperature Range Room temp. to 180℃
Control Accuracy water: ±1℃ oil: ±3℃
Heating Power 1200 W
Stroke Displacement Manual 110mm + auxiliary100mm
Interval Time Setting Range 1~999s
Dimension (D×W×H) Main Unit: 440×320×450mm
Heating Bath: 300x300x240mm
Weight Main Unit: 7 kg
Heating Bath: 3 kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5~40℃
Permissible Relative Humidity 80%RH
Protection Class IP20
USB Interface Yes
Voltage/Frequency 100V~120V/200V~240V 50Hz/60 Hz
Power 1245 W


Condenser.png Vertical
Cat. No. Glassware type Volume Cooling surface
18900165 Evaporating flask (NS29/32) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900173 Evaporating flask (NS24/40) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900166 (COATED) Evaporating flask (NS29/32) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900174 (COATED) Evaporating flask (NS24/40) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18202410 evaporating flask (NS 29/32) Receiving flask (KS 35/20) 1000mL 1200cm2


Condenser 2.png Diagonal
Cat. No. Glassware type Volume Cooling surface
18900163 Evaporating flask (NS29/32) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900171 Evaporating flask (NS24/40) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900164 (COATED) Evaporating flask (NS29/32) Receiving flask (KS 35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2
18900172 (COATED) Evaporating flask (NS24/40) Receiving flask (KS35/20) 1000mL 1700cm2


Heating Bath.png Heating Bath
Cat. No. Description Volume
18900201 Rotary Evaporator, 220V 5L
18900202 Rotary Evaporator, 110V 5L
6033100210 LED heating bath, 100V-120V/200V-240V,50Hz/60Hz 5L


Heating Bath Lid.png Heating Bath Lid
Cat. No. Description
18900547 Heating Bath lid for RE100-S, improve distillation efficiency & ensure personal safety from liquid splash


Evaporating flask
Cat. No. Volume Size
18300116 50mL NS 29/32
18300117 100mL NS 29/32
18300118 250mL NS 29/32
18300119 500mL NS 29/32
18300120 1000mL NS 29/32
18300121 2000mL NS 29/32
18300655 50mL NS24/40
18300201 100mL NS 24/40
18300202 250mL NS 24/40
18300203 500mL NS 24/40
18300204 1000m NS 24/40
18300205 2000mL NS 24/40


Glassware 2.png
Receiving flask
Cat. No. Volume Size
18300107 100ml KS 35/20
18300108 250ml KS 35/20
18300109 500ml KS 35/20
18300110 1000ml KS 35/20
18300111 2000ml KS 35/20


Glassware 3.png
Foam brake
Cat. No. Volume Size
18300093 250ml NS 29/32
18300207 250ml NS 24/40


Glassware 4.png
Cat. No. Volume Size
18100998 / NS 29/32
18300206 / NS 24/40


Glassware 5.png
Distilling spider with 5 flasks (without flask)
Cat. No. Volume Size
18900194 / NS 29/32, NS24/29
18900177 / NS 29/42, NS24/40


Glassware 6.png
Cat. No. Volume Size
18300094 / NS 29/32, NS24/29
18300095 / NS 29/32, NS19/26
18300096 / NS 29/32, NS14/23
18300199 / NS24/40, NS19/22
18300200 / NS 24/40, NS14/20
18900193 / NS 24/40, NS 29/42


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