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Rotary Evaporator, REV-1010II

  1. Evaporating Flask Volume: 10L
  2. Motor Type: Brushless motor
  3. Lift Mechanism: Automatic
  4. Rotation Speed: 0~120 RPM
  5. Temperature Range: RT ~180℃
  6. LCD Display

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  1. The parts in contact with the material are all made of high borosilicate glass (expansion coefficient 3.3) and PTFE materials, which have stable performance and are not easy to react with the materials.
  2. The stent is made of cold plate anti-corrosivespray+ aluminum alloy material, and the bath is made of 304 stainless steel.
  3. The sealing system uses PTFE + fluororubber compound sealing.
  4. Oily vacuum pressure gauge shows real-time vacuum bypointer.
  5. The piston-type feeding valve is sleeved with PTFE extension tube, which can be continuously fed to the evaporation bottle under vacuum status.
  6. Uprightdouble-layerserpentine coil as condenser, main condensing+auxiliary condensing double condenser.
  7. Large LCD display, which can control rotation, heating and lifting at the same time
  8. Using brushless deceleration booster motor as rotary motor, no spark and low noise.Lifting motor also uses deceleration booster motor.
  9. Thermostat controlled bath, with PT100 sensor + stainless steel probe at the bottom of bath
  10. The bath can be lifted electrically. A silicone cover is equipped outside the bath for heat insulation and anti-scalding.
  11. Rotating and heating double fusessafety protection
  12. The collection flaskhas a lower dischargingport, equipped with glass + PTFE independent discharge valve.
  13. There is a water dischargingvalve at the bottom of the bath to facilitate liquid discharge
  14. Vacuum switching valve can continuously collect and discharge materials without affecting the system vacuum and solution distillation
  15. Over-temperature protection function, when the actual temperature> setting temperature+5 ℃, the machine will automatically power off.
  16. Anti-drying function, when the water level in the heating bath is lower than the heating tube, the machine will automatically power off.
  17. If the power is suddenly cut off while the machine is working, the machine will automatically stop heating when the power is turned on again.


Model REV-1010II
Voltage/Frequency 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Total Power 3100W
Rotary motor power 60W
Lifting motor power 40W
Heating power 3000W
Vacuum 0.095Mpa
Rotary flask volume 10LΦ280mm/Φ95 flange port
Collecting flask volume 5LΦ230mm/upper Φ60 flange port×Φ35 flange port×2 pcs × lower Φ50flange port
Rotary speed 0-120rpm/min
Temperature control range Room temperature-180℃
Temperature control accuracy ±1℃
Bath lifting stroke 190mm
Condenser dimension Main condenser Φ120×620H(mm), upper Φ60 flange port, lower Φ80 flange port

Auxiliary condenser Φ135×475H(mm), upper Φ80 flange port, lower Φ60 flange port, side Φ60 flange port

Condensing area 0.51(0.33+0.18)㎡
Gas cylinder Left Φ35 flange port, upper Φ35 flange port, side Φ60 flange port, right Φ60 flange port
Material feeding valve Φ35 flange port, glass + PTFE valve, material feeding valve (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Temperature measuring port Φ35 flange port, glass + PTFE valve, glass valve (pagoda joint) with 12mm outer diameter
Releasing valve Φ35 flange port×2, glass + PTFE valve, releasing port (pagoda joint)with 12mm outer diameter
Material discharging valve Φ50 flange port, side discharging valve (pagoda joint) with 20mm outer diameter, 210mm from the ground
Vacuum nozzle Φ60 flanged glass nozzle(pagoda joint)with 10mm outer diameter
In and out circulating nozzle of condenser coil Pagoda joint with 16mm outer diameter
Bath dimension/weight Φ350×220H(mm) about 21L
Overall dimension(W*D*H) 1130×470×1940mm
Net weight 64KG
Packing dimension 980×520×1190mm wooden package 0.61m³
Packing weight 101KG

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