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Melting point apparatus, MTP-650,MTP-630

  • Measurement range: R.T.-400℃
  • Number of capillary: 5;3
  • Display: 8 inches touch screen
  • Measurement methods: automatic; Visual

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  1. The image melting point apparatus is mainly used for measuring the melting point of drugs, dyes, fragrances and other organic compounds crystals.
  2. With LCD screen, the image of whole process of melting the material can be observed, while the instrument provides the melting parameters of the material.
  3. The instrument applies a high-resolution camera or photo-detection system to automatically/manually detect the melting point
  4. It’ s capable of monitoring the entire process of melting material, and while the image is being played back, the whole process of melting can be observed, and test data can be generated.
  5. Equipped with windows 7 operating system.


Parameters/Model MTP-650 MTP-630
Measurement range of melting point R.T.-400℃
Minimum value of temperature display 0.1℃
Linear heating rate 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0℃/min
Accuracy ≤200℃: ±0.4℃; >200℃: ±0.7℃
Repeatability 0.3℃ (heating rate: 10℃/min)
Linear heating rate error Not greater than 10% of the nominal value
Number of capillary 5 3
Capillary dimensions Outer diameter: Φ1.4mm; Inner diameter: Φ1.0mm; Height: 90mm
Height of sample 3mm
GMP regulations Qualified
Data storage 16G
Display 8 inches touch screen
Interface USB/Keyboard/Mouse/Universal/Printer/VGA/Enthernet/Optical wireless card for wireless internet access
Dimension 500mm×470mm×380mm
Weight 17 kg

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