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Visible Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, SP-IV722G, 721G-100, 721G

  1. Wavelength Range: 325-1000nm, 340-1000nm
  2. Wavelength Accuracy: ±2nm
  3. Monochromator Type: Czerny-Turner
  4. Detector: Silicon Photocell
  5. Equipped with RS232 port
  6. Precise automatic T/A changeover
  7. Automatic zero and full scale adjustment

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1. Sample compartment for 5-100mm cuvettes

2. Equipped with RS232 port

3. Precise automatic T/A changeover

4. Automatic zero and full scale adjustment

5. Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function

6. Software optional

7. Dedicated printer optional


G series economic spectrophotometer been widely used in colleges and enterprises for general quantitative analysis and experiments based in absorbance measurements.

Common Features

1. High quality silicon photometric diode detector and 1200 lines/mm diffraction grating ensure thehigh quality accuracy and precision.

2. Backlit LCD display for an easy readout.

3. Automatic 0A and 100%T.

4. Easy switching of transmittance, absorbance and concentration modes, just by pressing one key.

5. Direct concentration read-out and concentration factor setting function.

6. Large sample compartment, for 5 – 100mm path length cuvettes with optional holders.

7. Easy to change the halogen lamp or deuterium lamp by the user himself.


Model SP-IV722G SP-IV721G-100 SP-IV721G
Photometry Single Beam
Monochromator Type Czerny-Turner
Detector Silicon Photocell
Wavelength Setting Manual Turn Knob
Wavelength Range 325-1000nm 340-1000nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±2nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤1nm
Spectrum Bandwidth 5nm
Stray Light ≤0.5%T
(at 360nm NaNo2)
Photometric Range 0-100.0%T
Photometric Accuracy ±0.5%T
Photometric Repeatability ≤0.2%T
Noise 100%(T)noise≤0.3%(T) , 0%(T)noise≤0.2%(T)
Drifting ±0.5 %T/3min
Cuvette Holder Size 50mm 100mm 50mm
Power AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz, 50W
Packaging Size 560mm×490mm×285mm 0.08M 3
G.W. 14kg

      Standard Accessories

  • User manual 1pc
  • Glass cuvette 1cm 4pcs (SP-IV721G/SP-IV721G-100/SP-IV722G only)
  • Quartz cuvette 1cm 2pcs
  • Power cable 1pc
  • Fuse 2pcs

     Optional Accessories

  • Thermal printer
  • 50mm cuvette holder
  • Cuvette holder 100mm (721G-100 only)
  • UV WIN7 software

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