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Vein Finder

    • Suitable for auxiliary venipuncture for hands and feet
    • Medical CCD high-resolution low-light camera, with high sensitivity, clearer and softer image
    • Upper and lower light sources: The lower light source uses six state-of-the-art infrared LED solid-state light sources and the upper light source uses pure infrared LED. The light source is invisible and will not cause discomfort to the user
    • Display: 5.5 inches
    • Display contrast
    • Camera: Infrared dedicated camera, resolution ≥ 480TVZ
    • Display: 6.5 inches
    • Display resolution800X600
    • Display contrast700:1
    • Camera: Dedicated infrared 5 megapixel HD camera
    • Lens: High-sensitivity infrared lens with 7-22 variable focus and zoom
    • Light source: Infrared LED, wavelength
    • Image resolution: 824X480
    • Brightness projection:1W  20 Lumens(The adjustable)
    • The adjustable:≤0.2mm
    • Optimum imaging distance:200MM-250MM
  • VF-P10-Fixed-stand Vein Finder VF-P10+Mobile-stand+Fixed-stand Fixed-stand Vein Finder
    Vein Detecting Light Source Near infrared light
    Infrared Light Wavelength 850 nm

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